The Red Poppy at the Nora Bayes Theate (1923)

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The Red Poppy at the Nora Bayes Theater

The Red Poppy opened at the Greenwich Village Theater on December 20, 1922. The ill-fated production lasted for only thirteen performances over a ten-day period. Financial problems are said to have caused the production to fold when the cast were not paid. The press announced that the play would re-open at the Nora Bayes Theater on January 8, 1923. No evidence has been unearth to show that this actually happened. Records of the Nora Bayes Theater show no productions staged between January 7 to March 11, 1923.

The New York call, January 7, 1923


“The Red Poppy,” with Estelle Winwood, recently at the Greenwich Village Theatre, will reopen at the Bayes tomorrow night.


New York newspaper, January 7, 1923

“The Red Poppy” to Move to Nora Bayes Theatre

Henry Barron will move his comedy drama, “The Red Poppy,” by Picard, to the Nora Bayes Theatre tomorrow night, retaining the original cast, which is headed by Miss Estelle Winwood.

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