A régiséggyujto: The Antiquarian (Star Film Factory and Film Trading Co., 1917)

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A régiséggyujto (The Antiquarian)

In this “star-studded two-act comedy”, Hollay Kamilla plays a woman who cheats on her husband with two men at the same time. It is unclear if Bela Lugosi’s role was that of the husband or one of the lovers.


Production company: Star Filmgyár és Filmkereskedelmi Rt.

                                            (Star Film Factory and Film Trading Co.)

Producers: Richard Geiger and Tibor Rákosi

Director: Alfréd Deésy

Screenplay: Forró Pál

First screened January 26, 1918 at the Corso Cinema

Officially premiered March 6,1918 at the Corso Cinema


Hollay Kamilla

Béla Lugosi (under the name of Arisztid Olt)

József Földváry (under the name of Norbert Dán)

Miklós Ujváry


Bat Head 2