Küzdelem a Létért: The Struggle for Life (Star, 1918)

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Küzdelem a Létért (The Struggle for Life)

aka A Leopárd (The Leopard)


As Paul Orlay, Bela Lugosi played a ruthless architect who ruins his lovers, a countess and a poor girl, in order to further his career. At the height of his success, he is shot by the poor girl’s father.


Production company: Star

Director: Alfréd Deésy

Based on the play “La Lutte Pour La Vie” by Alphonse Daudet.

First screened at the Mozgókép-Otthon in Budapest on July 16, 1918


Béla Lugosi (under the name of Arisztid Olt): Paul Orlay

Anna Góth

Klára Peterdy

Ila Lóth

Ferenc Virágh


Küzdelem a Létért - The Struggle for Life

2. Küzdelem a létért (The Struggle for Life) 1918

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