Lock Up Your Daughters (New Realm, 1959)

So elusive is this entry in Bela Lugosi’s filmography that even production company New Realm have no record of it. Despite the existence of posters and lobby cards, reports of screenings in UK cinemas and claims of a print in a private collection, no print has been located. The review below from Kinematograph Weekly would suggest that Lugosi filmed new footage or recorded a vocal track for this quiz film comprised of clips from films Lugosi made for Monogram films. No record of any such filming or recording taking place has so far surfaced.


Production Company: New Realm

Running time: 50 minutes 47 seconds (4590 ft)

Passed uncut for certificate on February 3rd, 1959

Certificate: X


Bela Lugosi: Compare/ various characters

Poly Ann Young

The Bowery Boys

Various unconfirmed


Kinematograph Weekly, March 26, 1959

New Realm. American (X). Directed by Phil Rosen.  Featuring Bela Lugosi, Polly Ann Young and the Bowery Boys.  4,590 feet. Release not fixed.

Gimmick horrific, containing excerpts from Bela Lugosi’s most popular chillers.  Patrons are invited to name the films from which the clippings have been taken and cash prizes are offered for all correct entries.  If none is received, consolation gifts go to the ones nearest.  The ingenious “racket” a short answer to the TV Quiz shows, should definitely pay off.  Good stunt offering.

Production:  The picture, compered by Bela Lugosi, has a slight story about a vampire doctor who experiments on young women in order to bring back to life his lovely young wife and this produces legitimate excuses for the extract from Lugosi thrillers.  Its players range from the Bowery Boys to some of the great favourites of yesterday and spotting them in an entertainment in itself.  The money prizes, regulated by the capacity of the hall in which the film is shown are, however, its most compelling lure.  Incidentally, all possible snags have been avoided.

Points of appeal – Title and strong novelty and wide exploitation angles.