How to Handle Women (Universal Studios, 1928)

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How to Handle Women

aka Fresh Every Hour/The Prince of Peanuts/The Prince of Knuts

How To Handle Women (1928)


A comedy about a peanut-loving commercial artist (Tyron) who swaps places with Prince Hendryx of Volgaria (Keane) to help him to secure a bank loan in American, using his country’s peanut crop as collateral. Neither a critical nor financial success, the film went through several title changes. Originally announced as Meet the Prince, the producers also titled it Fresh Every Hour and The Prince of Peanuts before finally settling on How to Handle Women.


Production company: Universal Studios

Director: William J. Craft

Original story by William J. Craft and Jack Foley.

Adapted for the screen by Jack Foley.

Story supervision: Joseph F. Poland

Cinematography: Albert Demond

Titles: Arthur Todd

Editor: Charles Craft

Running time: 60 minutes

Copyright number LP25372, June 12, 1928


Glenn Tryon – Leonard Higgins

Marian Nixon – Beatrice Fairbanks

Raymond Keane – Prince Hendryx

Robert T. Hains – The Editor

Bull Montana – The Turk

Cesare Gravina – Tony

E.H. Herriman (George Herriman) – Himself

Leo White – The Secretary

Mario Carillo – Count Olff

Violet La Plante – The Stenographer

Bela Lugosi – A bodyguard



Photoplay, December  1927

Everyone who crawls to fame in any line of endeavour seems to find his chance to play at least one role in the movies, it seems.

George Herriman, the Krazy Kat cartoonist, has been signed to interpret himself in the Marion Nixon-Glen Tryon newspaper picture, “Meet the Prince,” which William Kraft and Jack Foley wrote and are directing.


Photoplay, June 1928

FRESH EVERY HOUR -Universal -Reviewed under the title of “The Prince of Peanuts.” Nutty farce with Glenn Tryon.


Reading Eagle, November 4, 1928

The Park Theatre


Le Film Complet Du Mardi, September 3, 1929

How to Handle Women - King of Knuts, Le Film Complet Du Mardi, September 3, 1929


How to Handle WomenGlen Tyron and Marian Nixon relax between scenes