SOS Coast Guard (Serial) (Republic Picture, 1937)

SOS Coast Guard aOne Sheet Poster


Bela Lugosi was cast as a mad scientist intent upon selling his poison gas to a foreign power in his fourth serial. SOS Coast Guard was his only screen work during 1937. Amid a moral backlash against the supposed bad influence of horror films in the United Kingdom, which resulted in an almost overnight halt to production of such films in Hollywood, he was unable to find further screen roles until 1939 when Son of Frankenstein was rushed into production in the wake of a hugely popular double-bill re-release of Dracula and Frankenstein (The 1938 Dracula & Frankenstein Double-Bill).


Production Company: Republic Pictures

Associate Producer: Sol C. Siegal

Directors: William Witney and Alan James

Assistant Director: Louis Germonprez

Supervisor: Robert Beche

Screenplay: Barry Shipman and Franklyn Adreon

Original Story: Morgan Cox and Ronald Davidson

Cinematographer: William Nobles

Sound Engineer: Terry Kellum

Musical Director: Raoul Kraushaar

Supervising Editor: Murray Seldeen

Editors: Helene Turner and Edward Todd

Art Director: John Victor MacKay

Set Decorator: Maurice Braun

Make-up Supervisor: Bob Mark

Production Manager: Al Wilson

Production Supervisor: Robert M. Beche

Property Master: Roy Wade

Sound Engineer: Terry Kellum

Sound: David J. Bloomberg and Charles L. Lootens

Special Effects: Jack Coyle, Howard Lydecker and Theodoe Lydecker

Musical Director: Raoul Kraushaar 

Stunts: Eale D. Bunn, Yakima Canutt, Loren Riebe, Duke Taylor

Chief Grip: Luke Lukather

Grip: Nels Mathias

Wardrobe Supervisors: Elsie Horwitz and Robert Ramsey

Publicist: Walter Crompton

Running Time: 12 Chapters

Released: August 28th, 1937


Ralph Byrd: Lt. Terry Kent

Bela Lugosi: Boroff aka M.A. Anderson

Maxine Doyle: Jean Norman

Herbert Rawlinson: Commander Boyle

Richard Alexander: Thorg

Lee Ford: Snapper McGee

John Piccori: G.A. Rackerby 

Lawrence Grant: Rabinisi

Thomas Carr: Ens. Jim Kent

Carleton Young: Dodds

Allen Connor: Dick Norman

George Chesebro: L.H. Degado

Ronny Weeks: Wies

Roy Barcoff: Goebel

Richard Beach: Seaman

Yakima Canutt: Seaman

Baldwin Cooke: Seaman

Robert J. Wilkie: Seaman

Leon Davidson: Seaman

Norwood Edwards: Seaman

Teddy Mangean: Seaman

Jack Ingram: Seaman

Jack Long: Seaman

Earle D. Bunn: Kelp plant heavy 1

Kit Guard: Kelp Plant Heavy 2

Ed Cassidy: Captain Johnson

Jack Clifford: Carver

Floyd Criswell: Motorcycle heavy

Jack Daley: S.S. Carfax Captain

Forrest Dillon: Sea Wolf thug 1

Jerry Frank: Sea Wolf thug 2

Lester Dorr: Hospital radium technician

Curley Dresden: Dock heavy

Robert Dudley: Pierport station agent

Frank Ellis: Kelp plant worker

Frank Fanning: Roadside police sergeant

Lee Frederick: Citizen

Audrey Grey: Switchboard supervisor

Joseph W. Girard: Cmdr. Green

Henry Hale: Krohn

Warren Jackson: Boat heavy 1

Eddie Philips: Boat heavy 2

Payne B. Johnson: Boy in lifeboat

Jerry Larkin: Heavy

Rex Leese: Coast Guard orderly

Alexander Leftwich: Froman

Joseph P. Mack: S.S. Adamic Captain

Gene Marvey: Blake

Frankie Marvin: Sniper

Frank Meredith: Policeman 1

John Mustin: Policeman 2

James Millican: Dock heavy 1

Henry Morris: Dock heavy 2

Vinegar Roan:  Dock heavy 3

Pat Mitchell: Radioman

King Mojave: Ambulance driver

Edwin Mordant: Dr. Meade

Michael Morgan: Coast Guardsman Moore

Charles Murphy: S.S. Adamic mate

Henry Otho: S.S. Carfax mate

Loren Riebe: Pete

Jack Roberts: Jones

Buddy Roosevelt: Patrol boat Lt. Scott

Dick Scott: Gang launch pilot

Reed Sheffield: Loading launch thug

Dick Sheldon: Ambulance attendant

Harry Strang: Phone company code expert 

Duke Taylor: Loader

Tom Ung: Charlie

Billie Van Every: Phone operator

Robert Walker: Black

Frank Wayne: Payne

Herbert Weber: Belden

Robert Williams: Sloan

Roger Williams: Black 

Dan Wolheim: Captain Slauson

Duke York: Sea heavy



Disaster at Sea

Barrage of Death

The Gas Chamber

The Fatal Shaft

The Mystery Ship

Deadly Cargo

Undersea Terror

The Crash!

Wolves at Bay

The Acid Trail

The Sea Battle

The Deadly Circle


Bela Lugosi’s contract

SOS Coastgurad Contract 1

SOS Coastgurad Contract 2


Eugene Register-Guard, March 6, 1938

SOS Coast Guard, Eugene Register-Guard, March 6, 1938


SOS Coast Guard, Reading Eagle, May 16, 1942

SOS Coast Guard, Reading Eagle, May 16, 1942 b

SOS Coast Guard, Reading Eagle, May 16, 1942


Reading Eagle, May 18, 1942

SOS Coast Guard, Reading Eagle, May 18, 1942


The Daily Times, July 2, 1942

SOS Coast Guard, The Daily Times, July 2, 1942


The Daily Times, July 3, 1942

SOS Coast Guard, The Daily Times, July 3, 1942

SOS Coast Guard, The Daily Times, July 3, 1942 b



SOS Coast Guard posterThree Sheet

SOS Coast Guard Three Sheet Poster

Three Sheet

SOS Coast Guard Episode 2Episode 2 One Sheet

SOS Coast Guard 6 wordsEpisode 6 One Sheet

SOS Coast Guard Full Article 9 wordsEpisode 9 One Sheet

SOS Coast Guard Chapter 10 One SheetEpisode 10 One Sheet

SOS Coastguard Window CardWindow Card

One piece of SOS Coast Guard 1941 Sweden

1941 Swedish One Sheet

SOS Coast Guard 1942 half sheet1942 Half Sheet


Lobby Cards

Episode 5

SOS Coast Guard Looby card Epissode 5

Episode 5

SOS Coast Guard Lobby Card Episode 7

Episode 8

SOS Coast Guard Episode 8Episode 9

SOS Coast Guard Episode 9


Edited Feature Length Version

SOS Coast Guard

SOS Coast Guard 2

SOS Coast Guard Feature Version Lobby Card



SOS Coast Guard



SOS Coast Guard 5

1 still SOS Coast Guard

2 still SOS Coast Guard

3 still SOS Coast Guard

4 still SOS Coast Guard

6 still SOS Coast Guard

7 still SOS Coast Guard

8 still SOS Coast Guard

9 still SOS Coast Guard

10 still SOS Coast Guard

SOS Coast Guard

Richard Alexander and Bela Lugosi(Courtesy of Paul Seiler)

SOS Coast Guard by Paul 2Bela Lugosi (Courtesy of Paul Seiler)

SOS Coast Guard by Paul 3

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