Shadow of Chinatown (Serial) (Victory Pictures, 1936)

Shadow of Chinatown

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Bela Lugosi plays a crazed Eurasian scientist hired by an import company to terrorize its Chinese competitors in his third serial. Shadow of Chinatown was also released in a condensed feature-length version. In the serial Lugosi’s character is captured while trying to serve poisoned wine, but he is killed in the re-edited feature when his car plunges into the harbour during a climactic car chase.


Production Company: Victory Pictures

Producer: Sam Katzman

Director: Robert F. Hill

Screenplay: Isadore Bernstein and Basil Dickey

Original Story: Rock Hawkey (Robert F. Hill)

Special Dialogue: William Buchanan

Cinematography: William Hyer

Production Manager: Ed W. Rote

Set Designer: Fred Pebble

Editor: Charles Henkel, Jr.

Musical Director: Lee Zahler

Ssound Recordist: Hans Weeren

Running Time: 15 Chapters


Bela Lugosi: Victor Poten

Herman Bix: Martin Andrews

Luana Walters: Sonya Rokoff aka The Dragon Lady

Joan Barclay: Joan Whiting

Maurice Liu: Willy Fu

William Buchanan: Healy

Forrest Taylor: Captain Walters

Charles King: Grogan

James B. leong: Wong

Henry F. Tung: Dr. Wu

Paul Fung: Tom Chu

George Chan: Old Luce

John Elliot: Ship’s Captain

Moy Ming: Wong’s brother

Jack Cowell: White Chinaman

Victor Adamson: Henchman

Lester Dorr: Steamship ticket clerk

Jack Evans: Henchman

Harrison Greene: Mayor Foley

Henry Hall: Dr. Zander

Robert F. Hill: Pedestrian

Richard Loo: Loo

Bruce Mitchell: Police Officer Riley

Roger Williams: Harrison, the newspaper editor

Victor Wong: Bystander



The Crushing Walls

13 Ferguson Alley

Death on the Wire

The Sinister Ray

The Sword Thrower

The Noose


The Last Warning

The Bomb

Thundering Doom

Invisible Gas

The Brink of Disaster

The Fatal Trap

The Avenging Powers


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Shadow of Chinatown

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Shadows of Chinatown

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