1933: Eighteen-Minute Capsule Version Of Dracula

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Eighteen-Minute Capsule Version Of Dracula

New York Evening Post, November, 1933

The vaudeville booking department of the Loew circuit has announced that Gregory Ratoff and Bela Lugosi have been engaged for vaudeville appearances. Ratoff will open at the State Theatre on Broadway, Friday, December 1.


December 5-7

Gates Theatre, Brooklyn


December 8-14

Loew’s State Theatre, New York

State Theatre 1933

Publicity photograph used to promote Bela’s appearances at Loew’s State Theatre


New York Evening Post, December, 1933

Bela Lugosi at Loew’s State

Bela Lugosi will appear in person at the Loew’s State Theatre, Starting Friday, in a scene from “Dracula.” Included in the surrounding program are Alex Hyde and his “musical charmers,” with Ruth Burns, Lois Sterner and Lucille Kemp; Al Wohlman and Harry Carroll, songsters; Lew Parker and Company, with Paul Murdock, George Townes, Marion bailer and Bill Burdee, and the Gay Boys, acrobats. The screen feature for the week is “The World Changes.”


The New York Times, December 6, 1933

Bela Lugosi will head the vaudeville bill at Loew’s State Theatre beginning Friday. Alex Hyde, accompanied by Ruth Burns, Lois Sterner and Lucille Kemp; Al Wohlmann and Harry Carroll, Lew Parker and company and the Gay Boys will complete the bill.


Daily Motion Picture Friday, December 8, 1933

Bela Lugosi heads Loew’s State stage show starting today.


The New York Times, December 9, 1933


Lugosi Tops List at Loew’s State

Bela Lugosi, late of the films and of “Murder at the Vanities,” is the headline vaudeville performer at Loew’s State Theatre this week. He is showing, in a condensed form, his role “Dracula.” Also on the State’s bill are Alex Hyde and his band, Lew Parker & Co., Al Wohlman and the Gay Boys.


December 15-21

Loew’s Stanley, Baltimore, Maryland


December 22-28

Loew’s Fox Theatre, Washington D.C.