Az ezredes: The Colonel (Phoenix, 1918)

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Az ezredes (The Colonel)


Bela Lugosi, as the Colonel, is caught breaking into a millionaires house. In return for his freedom, the wealthy man asks him to steal a fortune back from his brother. The millionaires daughter subsequently falls in love with the Colonel.


Production company: Phoenix

Director: Mihály Kertész  (Michael Curtiz)

Screenplay:Richárd Falk from a story by Ferenc Herczeg.

First screened at the Omnia in Budapest on Decenber 30, 1918


Béla Lugosi: The Colonel

Sándor Góth

László Z. Molnár

Károly Huszár

Géza Borosa

Árpád Latabár

Claire Lotto

Zoltán Szerémy

Bero Malay

Janka Csatai


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