Der Fluch der Menschheit: The Curse of Man (Eichberg Film, 1920)

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Der Fluch der Menschheit (The Curse of Man) 

Rejected by his lover, Bela Lugosi, in the role of Maelzer, commits treason and attempts sabotage. He is electrocuted before the authorities can capture him.

The film was released in two parts, Die Tochter der Arbeit (The Daughters of Work) andIm Rausche der Millianden (In the Ectsay of Billions. During the shooting of the film Bela had an affair with co-star Violette Napierska. Bela had previous acted alongside Lee Perry in Hypnose (1919). He would be reunited with Willi Kaiser-Heyl in his next film, Schrecken.


Production company: Eichberg Film

Director: Richard Eichberg


Lee Parry

Willi Kaiser-Heyl

Robert Scholz

Gustav Birkholtz

Reinhold Pasch

Margo Koehler

Béla Lugosi: Maelzer

Felix Hexht

Violette Napierska

Paul Ludwick


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