Die Todeskarawane: The Caravan of Death ( Ustad, 1920)

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Die Todeskarawane (The Caravan of Death)

Subtitled, “A film of the southern sun in six chapters”, the film featured Bela Lugosi playing an Arab sheik pitted against European travellers in an adventure story set in the Sahara. It was the second of three films released by Ustad based on desert adventure novels by Karl May. Although Karl May’s widow praised the film, critics were unimpressed and it was a commercial failure. It is now considered lost. Both Carl de Vogt and Meibhart Maur appeared in Fritz Lang’s Spiders (1919). Carl de Vogt also appeared with Conrad Veidt in The Road of Death (1917), Meibhart Maur


Production company: Ustad

Producer: Marie Luise Droop

Director: Josef Stein

Cinematographer: Gustave Preiss and Otto Stein

Screenplay: Erwin Báron and Marie Luise Droop (uncredited). Based on the 1892 novelVon Bagdad nach Stambul by Karl May

The film received its official premiere on November 18, 1920 in Dresden, but had already been shown two days previously in Hamburg.


Carl de Vogt

Meinhart Maur

Béla Lugosi

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