Dracula in Hopkinsville, Kentucky (1947)

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Production of Dracula in Hopkinsville, Kentucky

There is currently no evidence that this show took place.


Kentucky New Era, August 7, 1947


Speaking of cultural entertainments it is possible that Bela Lugosi, the bad man of the screen, will visit Hopkinsville some time in the fall, and under the sponsorship of guess who? The Junior Chamber of Commerce!

This up-and-coming organization you will remember, sponsored the excellent performance of “Life With Father” last year, and through their enterprise they have been offered a performance of Bela Lugosi in “Dracula.”

If there is enough interest they will bring it to the stage of the Hopkins High Schoool auditorium. If you would like to see this famous actor in the well-known play, please let Melburn Keith know, and if enough folks are interested, it will be done.

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