1940: Black Friday and House of Seven Gables Double World Premiere

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Black Friday and House of Seven Gables Double World Premiere

February 29, 1940

Palace Theatre, Chicago, Illinois


Chicago Daily News, February 28, 1940


Arrangements have been completed for Bela Lugosi, Vincent Price and Margaret Lindsay to make personal appearances at four of the performances at the Palace tomorrow in conjunction with the double world premiere of the Universal pictures, “Black Friday” and “The House of Seven Gables.”

Bela Lugosi, who is co-starred with Boris Karloff in “Black Friday,” will arrive in Chicago tomorrow morning from San Francisco to join Vincent Price, who is scheduled to arrive today from Hollywood, and Margaret Lindsay, also arriving today or tomorrow by plane from Massachusetts. Price and Miss Lindsay are starred in “The House of Seven Gables.”

The showing of these attractions is an event in entertainment circles of Chicago, in that for the first time in motion picture history two attractions are to be given their initial world showing at the same time and on the same program.