Invisible Ghost (Monogram Pictures, 1941)

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Seattle Daily Times , April 28, 1941

Invisible Ghost. Seattle Daily Times , April 28, 1941*

The New York Times, May 8, 1941

At The Rialto

The Rialto has turned up many a cinematic curio since it went in for ghoulish high-jinks a few years back, but certainly it never has had anything quite the equal of “The Invisible Ghost,” which arrived yesterday. The title itself is as neat a paradox as ever graced a marquee and the picture—well, that’s even more bewildering. As best we could figure it out, Bela Lugosi suffers spells of monomania every ten minutes or so and chokes a member of his fabulous household to death. The motivation is as wild as the wind and the performances are as incredibly amateurish as “The Invisible Ghost” is silly.
THE INVISIBLE GHOST; screen play by Al and Helen Martin; directed by Joseph Lewis; produced by Sam Katzman for Monogram.
Charles Kessler . . . . . Bela Lugosi
Virginia . . . . . Polly Ann Young
Ralph . . . . . John McGuire
Evans . . . . . Clarence Muse
Cecile . . . . . Terry Walker
Mrs. Kessler . . . . . Betty Compson
Jules . . . . . Ernie Adams
Williams . . . . . George Pembroke
Ryan . . . . . Fred Kelsey
Tim . . . . . Jack Mulhall


Reading Eagle, June 29, 1941The Invisible Ghost, Reading Eagle, June 29, 1941*

Unknown Newspaper

Invisible Ghost, Unknown Newspaper*


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Invisible Ghost Dolton Theatre - Dolton, Illinois, Dec 30 & 31, 1941Dolton Theatre, Dolton, Illinois



Invisible Ghost Still 1Clarence Muse and Bela Lugosi

Invisible Ghost 4Polly Ann Young, Bela Lugosi and Clarence Muse

Invisible Ghost 3Bela Lugosi

Invisible GhostBela Lugosi