Almost Married (1921)

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Almost Married

February 20, 1921

Thirty-Ninth Street Theatre, New York

The Evening Telegram, February 19, 1921

The Modern Hungarian Stage, a company organized to present recent plays in that tongue and under the direction of Laszlo Schwartz, will give a performance of a comedy by Gabor Dregely entitled “Almost Married” at the Thirty-Ninth Street Theatre tomorrow evening. The entertainment is for the benefit of the Hoover Fund for Suffering Hungarian Children. The principal players will be Miss Ilma de Montagh, who is making her first appearance in this country, Mr. Bela Lugosi, Lajos Horbath and Miss Cornella Lorine.

(Note: Miss Ilma de Montagh was actually Ilona Von Montagh, who would marry Bela in September, 1921)

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