Murder By Television (Imperial-Cameo Pictures, 1935)

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Bela Lugosi plays twin brothers in this murder mystery made before television became the ubiquitous household appliance that it is today. One Lugosi must solve a series of murders, including that of his twin, by a mysterious killer using television as his weapon. According to the press, the film, which cost less than $35,000 to make, utilized $75,000 of television equipment. The film reunited Lugosi with Claire McDowell whom he appeared with in Wild Company (1930).


Production Company: Imperial-Cameo Pictures

Producers: William M. Pizor and Clifford Sanforth

Associate Producer: Edward M. Spitz

Production Manager: Melville Delay

Director: Clifford Stanforth

Screenplay: Joesph O’Donnell

Original Story: Clarence Hennecke and Carl Coolidge

Cinematography: James Brown, Jr. and Arthur Reed

Music: Oliver Wallace

Art Direction: Lewis Rachmil

Technical Supervisor: Henry Spitz

Television Technician: Milton M. Stern

Editor: Leslie Wilder

Running Time: 60 minutes

Copyright Number: No record exists


Bela Lugosi: Dr. Arthur Perry and Edwin Perry

June Collyer: June Houghland

Huntley Gordon: Dr.Henry M. Schofield

George Meeker: Richard Grayson

Henry Mowbray: Chielf of Police Nelson

Charles Hill Mailes: Professor James Houghland

Charles K. French: Donald M. Jordan

Claire McDowell: Mrs. Houghland

Larry Francis: Mendoza

Hattie McDaniel: Isabella, the cook

Henry Hall: Hammond

Allan Jung: Ah Ling, the houseboy

William ‘Billy’ Sullivan: Reardon, the watchman

William Tooker: Allen

Ruth Charrington: Party guest

Wally Dean: Party guest

Sam Harris: Party guest

Lew Hicks: Plainclothe policesman

Frank Meredith: Plainclothe policesman

Dick Rush: Detective


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