Keith Pyott

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Keith Pyott

March 9, 1902-April 6, 1968

Keith Pyott took over the role of Draculafrom Raymond Huntley in the West End. He was a popular actor on stage , TV and in films. His film credits include Village of the Damned (1960), The Phantom of the Opera (1962) and The Devil Rides Out (1968)

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June 6-?, 1927

Theatre Royal Nottingham

Theatre Royal Nottingham, Monday June 6th 1927

A programme for a performance at the Theatre Royal Nottingham on Monday June 6th, 1927


August 29-October 8, 1927

The Prince of Wales Theatre, West End, London

A programme for a performance at the Prince of Wale’s Theatre in September, 1927


The Times, September 8, 1927

Next Wednesday Dracula at the Prince of Wales Theatre also reaches its 250th performance.


The Advertiser (Adelaide), October 25, 1927

That Dracula Feeling

There was a surprise awaiting those who attended the 250th performance of “Dracula” at the Prince of Wales. To each patron of Bram Stoker’s creepy play was handed a little parcel containing a souvenir of the occasion. A printed slip exhorted you not to open the parcel until after the conclusion of the third act of the play. When at last the time limit had expired, and the “creepiness” of “Dracula” had entered well into the spine and marrow of every playgoer present, the parcels were opened. Then everybody seemed to do the same thing. Fair ladies took hysterics, strong men swore beneath their breath. For out of each book of short stories there fluttered viciously a great toy vampire bat with black wings and red eyes.

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