Bela Lugosi Letters

Bat Head 2

July 12, 1930

Bela Letter to Harold Freedman

Bat Head 3

October 3rd, 1931

1931, October 3rd.

Bat Head 3

Undated c.1932


Bat Head 3

January 15th, 1936

1936, January 15th

Bat Head 3

February 15th, 1938

1938, February 15th

Bat Head 3

January 23rd 1940

Bela Letter to Hedda Hopper

Bat Head 3

April 17th, 1940

BL Letter

Bat Head 3

November 29th, 1940

Postcard to Lugosi’s sister

Bela postcard November 29, 1940 1Bela postcard November 29, 1940 2

Bat Head 3

July 22nd, 1943

1943, July 22

Bat Head 3

Undated c. August 1955

Hope” Lininger became Lugosi’s fifth and final wife on August 24th, 1955


One response to “Bela Lugosi Letters

  1. Wow! Thank you so very much for uploading these. I love seeing personal letters; and finally… His REAL autograph! Wonderful. Do you own any of these? I hope so.

    He moved a lot, huh? I am here in L.A. Some time, I shall visit these places. I only discovered Mr. Lugosi’s films last year. I am new admirer but he has fast become my #1 actor! (I discovered Boris Karloff first, for months no Béla films aired, except Ninotchka but I missed him as I didn’t know his face, I had to look it up. Blink and you miss him movie!

    I was so taken by Boris, I kept reading IMDb forums comparing him to this Lugosi actor and I could not understand why. Surely, no one could compare or be better than my Boris Karloff! Oh, boy. Was I wrong..! One scene and it was all over! 😉


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