Bela Lugosi Filmography

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Bela Lugosi photographed by Preston Duncan in the 1930s

Bela Lugosi photographed by Preston Duncan in the 1930s

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Bela Lugosi Filmography

Many additions, subtractions and corrections have been made to Bela Lugosi’s filmography over the years as researchers have discovered new facts and previously unknown films. This is currently the most comprehensive and accurate filmography of his work. As well as full-length features, it includes serials, shorts and newsreels. In compiling this filmography I consulted Gary D. Rhodes’ “Lugosi” (McFarland & Company, 1997) and “Dreams and Nightmares” (Collectables, 2007), Richard Bojarsky’s “The Complete Films of Bella Lugosi” (Citadel Press, 1992) and research conducted by Frank Dello Stritto and myself.

Click on the links below for, where available, production details, posters, lobby cards, stills, reviews, advertisements and press articles for each of Bela Lugosi’s appearances on film.

Leoni Leo (Star, 1917)

A régiséggyujto: The Antiquarian (Star, 1917)

Lili (Star, 1917)

Álarcosbál: The Masked Ball (Star, 1917)

Az élet királya: The King of Life (Star, 1917)

Nászdal: The Wedding Song (Star, 1918)

Tavaszi vihar: Spring Tempest (Star, 1918)

Kilencvekilenc: 99 (Phoenix, 1918)

Küzdelem a Létért: The Struggle for Life (Star, 1918)

Az ezredes: The Colonel (Phoenix, 1918)

Hypnose: Hypnosis (Eichberg Film, 1919)

Der Tanz auf dem Vulkan: The Dance on the Volcano (Eichberg Film, 1920)

Die Frau im Delphin: The Woman in the Dolphin (Gaci Film 1920)

Der Fluch der Menschheit: The Curse of Man (Eichberg Film, 1920)

Schrecken: The Terror (Liplow, 1920)

Johann Hopkins III: John Hopkins the Third (Dua Film, 1920)

Der Sklavenhalter von Kansas-City: The Slaveholder of Kansas City (Dua Film, 1920)

Nat Pinkerton im Kampf (Dua Film, 1920)

Das ganze Sein ist flammend Leid: The Whole of Being is a Flaming Misery (Munchener Lichtspielkunst AG, 1920)

Die Teufelsanbeter: The Devil Worshippers (Ustad, 1920)

Lederstrumpf: Leatherstocking (Luna Film, 1920)

Die Todeskarawane: The Caravan of Death ( Ustad, 1920)

Ihre Hoheit die Tanzein: Her Highness, the Dancer (Eichberg Film, 1922)

The Silent Command (Fox, 1923)

He Who Gets Slapped (Unconfirmed) ( MGM, 1924)

The Rejected Woman (Distinctive Pictures, 1924)

Daughters Who Pay (Banner Productions, 1925)

The Midnight Girl (Chadwick Pictures, 1925)

Punchinello (short) (Famous Lovers, 1926)

How to Handle Women (Universal Studios, 1928)

The Last Performance (Universal Studios, 1929)

The Veiled Woman ( Fox Film Corporation, 1929)

Prisoners (First National, 1929)

The 13th Chair (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1929)

Such Men Are Dangerous (Fox Film Corporation, 1930)

King of Jazz (Universal Studios, 1930)

Wild Company (Fox Film Corporation, 1930)

Renegades (Fox Film Corporation, 1930)

Viennese Nights (Warner Brothers, 1930)

Oh, For a Man! (Fox Film Corporation, 1930)

Dracula (Universal Studios, 1931)

Fifty Million Frenchmen (Warner Brothers, 1931)

Women Of All Nations (Fox Film Corporation, 1931)

The Black Camel (Fox Film Corporation, 1931)

Broad Minded (First National, 1931)

Murders In The Rue Morgue (Universal Studios, 1932)

White Zombie (Amusement Securities Co., Ltd., 1932)

Intimate Interviews (short) (Talking Picture Epics, Inc., 1932)

Chandu The Magician (Fox Film Corporation, 1932)

Island of Lost Souls (Pamount Pictures, 1933)

The Death Kiss (World Wide Pictures, 1933)

Night of Terror (Columbia Pictures, 1933)

International House ( Paramount Pictures, 1933)

The Devil’s In Love (Fox Film Corporation 1933)

The Whispering Shadow (Serial) (Mascot, 1933)

Hollywood On Parade A 8 (short) (Paramount Pictures, 1933)

The Black Cat (Universal Studios, 1934)

Black Cat Parade (Newsreel) (Universal Studios, 1934)

The Hollywood Movie Parade (Short) (Educational Pictures, 1934)

Gift Of Gab (Universal Studios, 1934)

Screenshot # 11 (Short) (Columbia Pictures, 1934)

The Return of Chandu (Serial) (Principal Pictures Corporation, 1934) 

The Mysterious Mr. Wong (Monogram Pictures, 1934)

Best Man Wins (Columbia Pictures, 1935)

Mark of the Vampire (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1935)

The Raven (Universal Studios, 1935)

Mystery Of The Mary Celeste (Hammer Film Production, 1935)

Murder By Television (Imperial-Cameo Pictures, 1935)

California Pacific International Exposition (Newsreel) (Universal Studios, 1935)

The Invisible Ray (Universal Studios, 1936)

Postal Inspector (Universal Studios, 1936)

Shadow of Chinatown (Serial) (Victory Pictures, 1936)

SOS Coast Guard (Serial) (Republic Picture, 1937)

Son of Frankenstein (Universal Studios, 1939)

The Gorilla (Twentieth Century Fox Films, 1939)

Dark Eyes Of London (Argyle Films, 1939)

Ninotchka (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1939)

The Phantom Creeps (Serial) (Universal Studios, 1939)

The Saint’s Double Trouble (RKO Radio Picture, 1939)

Black Friday (Universal Studios, 1940)

You’ll Find Out (RKO Radio Pictures, 1940)

The Devil Bat (Producers Releasing Corporation, 1941)

Invisible Ghost (Astor Pictures Corp., 1941)

The Black Cat (Universal Pictures, 1941)

Spooks Run Wild (Monogram Pictures, 1941)

The Wolf Man (Universal Pictures, 1941)

Black Dragons (Astor Pictures Corp., 1942)

The Ghost of Frankenstein (Universal Pictures, 1942)

The Corpse Vanishes (Monogram Pictures, 1942)

Bowery at Midnight (Monogram Pictures, 1942)

Night Monster (Universal Pictures, 1942)

Frankenstein Meets The Wolf Man (Universal Pictures, 1943)

The Ape Man (Monogram Pictures, 1943)

Ghosts On The Loose (Monogram Pictures, 1943)

The Return Of The Vampire (Columbia Pictures, 1944)

Voodoo Man (Monogram Pictures, 1944)

Return Of The Ape Man (Monogram Pictures, 1944)

One Body Too Many (Paramount Pictures,1944)

The Body Snatcher (RKO Radio Pictures, 1945)

Zombies On Broadway (RKO Radio Pictures, 1945)

Genius At Work (RKO Radio Pictures, 1946)

Scared To Death (Golden Gate Pictures, Inc., 1947)

Abbott And Costello Meet Frankenstein (Universal International Pictures, 1948)

Seeing Stars (Newsreel) (British Pathé, 1951)

Mother Riley Meets The Vampire (Renown Pictures, 1952)

Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla ( Jack Broder Productions Inc.,1952)

Glen or Glenda (Screen Classics Productions,1953)

House of Wax Premiere (Newsreel) (Warner Pathé News,1953)

Bride of the Monster (Banner Productions,1955)

The Black Sleep (United Artists, 1956)

Plan 9 from Outer Space (DCA,1958)

Lock Up Your Daughters (New Realm, 1959)

Extraordinary Tales (Mélusine Productions, 2013)

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