Daughters Who Pay (Banner Productions, 1925)

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Daughters Who Pay

Bela Lugosi


With a title that appears to have no relation to the actual story, the plot has secret agent, Mary Smith (De La Motte) living a double life as the respectable Miss Smith on Sundays, and Sonia, a Russian cafe dancer, during the week. Smith must use both of her personalities to help her  bother when he is caught embezzling $10,000 from the millionaire father of Dick Foster (Bowers), one of Sonia’s admirers. After the successful capture of a gang of Russian spies, she is free to reveal her true identity and marry Foster.


Production company: Banner Productions

Director: George Terwilleger

Screenplay: William B. Laub

Cinematographers: Edward Paul, Charles Davis, Murphy Darling

Running time: 61 minutes

Copyright number LP21211, March 6, 1925


Marguerite De La Motte: Mary Smith/Sonia

John Bowers: Dick Foster

J. Barney Sherry: Henry Foster

Joseph Striker: Larry Smith

Bela Lugosi: Serge Oumanski

Marie Schaefer as Marie Shaffer: Aunt Mary 


Photoplay, March 1925

Daughters Who Pay Photoplay March 1925


San Francisco Chronicle, September 14, 1925

Daughters Who Pay, San Francisco Chronicle, September 14, 1925



Daughters Who Pay

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