Glen or Glenda (Screen Classics Productions,1953)

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Also Known as I Lived Two Lives.


Los Angeles Times, February 17, 1953


by Edward Schallert

That veteran portrayer of mysterious scoundrels and whatnot, Bela Lugosi, will soon be visible on the screen again in a weird science fiction subject called “Transvestite,” which concerns the transformation of men into women in their apparel and other outward manifestations but which does not deal with any sex issue. Its sponsor, Edward D. Wood Jr., declares it has no relation to a case much spotlighted in the news. Lugosi will be the mastermind in the science phase of the picture, which is said to incorporate much symbolism. Others in the cast are Dolores Fuller, whose fiance falls under the Lugosi influence,  while Lyle Talbot will be seen as a police inspector and Tim Farrell as a psychiatrist. Roles of the victims are minor. The film is being finished at the Jack Miles studio.



Glen or Glenda


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I Led 2 Lives 2

I Led 2 Lives 1


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Argentina 1961



Glen or Glenda 1

Bela Lugosi

Glen or Glend Ed Wood

Ed Wood

Glen or Glenda (2)Bela Lugosi, George Weiss (producer) and William Thompson (cinematographer)

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Bela Lugosi

Glen or Glenda Photo 3

Ed Wood and Bela Lugosi

Glen or Glenda Photo 2

  Bela Lugosi and Tommy Haines

Glen or Glenda Still

Dolores Fuller, Ed Wood, Captain DeZita (the Devil)

Glen or Glenda still 1

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