1948: Dracula

Bat Head 2


David Brudie's copy of Good Housekeepinfg

A copy of Good Housekeeping thought to have been signed during one of Dracula’s July engagements.

From the collection of David Brudie.


July 8-13, 1948

Phipps Auditorium, Denver, Colorado

Phipps Auditorium, Denver, Colorado, 1948


Dracula at the Phipps Auditorium 2

Dracula at the Phipps Auditorium 1


Burlington Hawkeye Gazette, July 16, 1948

Bela Lugosi, Burlington Hawkeye Gazette, July 16, 1948 1

Bela Lugosi, Burlington Hawkeye Gazette, July 16, 1948 2


July 19-24, 1948

Green Hills Theatre, Reading, Pennsylvania


August 2-7, 1948

Norwich Summer Theatre, Norwich, Connecticut

August 2 - 7, 1948 Norwich CT in Dracula

A signed photo given to admirers during the Norwich run


The New London Day, July 30, 1948

The New London Day, July 31, 1948

The New London Day, August 2, 1948

The New London Day, August 3, 1948

The New London Day, August 4, 1948

The Bulletin, Norwich, Connecticut, August 4, 1948



 Bela Lugosi, guest artist at the Noriwch Summer theater this week, was the principal speaker at the regular meeting of the Norwich Lion’s Club, held at Longo’s Inn Tuesday evening, President T. Joseph Puza presided over the meeting.

Mr. Lugosi, who appears as “Dracula” at the summer theater, was introduced by Edward Obuchowski, program chairman for the evening.

In his address, Mr. Lugosi remarked on how well he has been enjoying his stay in Norwich and he likened this community to the thousands of others in the United States, as all being eager for some productions of the legitimate theater, “since,” he said, “the theater reflects the country’s background and culture.”

Mr. Lugosi urged the Lions and other similar organizations to go all-out to see that the theater is brought to every outlying district in the country. Mr. Lugosi said that this should be done by season tickets and other ways which will guarantees the producers success in their venture.

In a more humorous vein, Mr. Lugosi described in detail how he became the “master of horror and the supernatural” in being chosen to play the gruesome part of “Dracula.”

Mr. Lugosi said the play was originally shown in England. An American producer saw it and bought the production rights. Considerable difficultly arose in selecting an actor for the part of Dracula, until someone recommended Mr. Lugosi. Mr. Lugosi, who speaks with a Hungarian accent, was a natural of the past almost immediately.

The Lions gave Mr. Lugosi a rising vote of thanks for his interesting address. Mr. Puza gave Mr. Lugosi a Lion’s certificate in appreciation of his interesting talk.

Accompanying Mr. Lugosi were Ted Post, director of the playhouse, and David Fox, public relations head for the playhouse.

Both Mr. Lugosi and Mr. Post make brief remarks thanking the Lions for the many courtesies extended them. Before leaving Mr. Lugosi said “I don’t know when I ever had as fine a time as I have had tonight” and call the Lions “a regular bunch of fellows.”

The New London Day, August 6, 1948

The New London Day, August 7, 1948