Stage Show with Don Marlowe (1945)

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Stage Show with Don Marlowe

This production is not believed to have taken place.

Although this production did not materialize, Don Marlowe acted as Bela Lugosi’s agent for a time from 1947. During their partnership, Lugosi landed the role of Dracula in Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948). Although Marlowe really played up his part in securing the role for Lugosi, it is not clear how much truth was in his story. See Bela Lugosi and Don Marlowe for more information on their relationship.


The Billboard, August 4, 1945

Bela Lugosi To Make P.A.’s

NEW YORK, July 30. – Bela Lugosi, who makes with the eyes in the blood-chilling B flickers, is being submitted for theater dates. He’s currently working on a new routine with Don Marlowe who will appear with him. Understood he’s penciled in at Loew’s State.

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