Bat Head 2


 Billboard, April 22, 1950

Bright Boner

NEW YORK, April 15. – Jackie Bright, mad auctioneer act, was home with a sick baby, resentful at phone callers, when the phone rang again.

“Hello? Jackie Bright? This is Bela Lugosi. Can you tell —” “Lugosi, eh! Why doncha drown yourself.” And hung up. A few minutes later the phone rang again. “Mr Bright? This is Bela Lugosi. I was told to call you…”

“Look, Lugosi,” roared Bright.”I got news for you. I saw you in Dracula and you still stink. Now get off and stop bothering me.”

Two days later Bright was told it wasn’t a rib, that the caller was Bela Lugosi, who was referred to him for some information. Bright immediately sent off a letter of apology and explanation. He’s now wondering what to say if he meets Lugosi


The Southeast Missourian, December 7, 1950