Mysterioso Record Series (1946)

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Mysterioso Record Series

The Billboard, July 20, 1946

Musicraft Eyes Disk Package Propositions

HOLLYWOOD, July 13. – Something new in record albums has been cooked up by radio scripters Merwin Gerard and Seelig Lester, who have written material to be narrated by movie spookster, Bela Lugosi, and tagged Mysterioso. Platter idea is now in negotiation stage with Musicraft Records and will probably be waxed in series of eight 12-inch records.

Script idea calls for a series of “mood” horror tales, each one dealing with another phase of violence, chills or sudden death. Lugosi narration should be backed by theme music in keeping with spine-chilling format. Musicraft also is reported dickering with MCA for a similar package idea under which MCA will supply talent, music and writers for the series.

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