The Veiled Woman ( Fox Film Corporation, 1929)

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“A drama of the dancing daughters of France,” the Veiled Woman was Bela Lugosi’s on-screen sound film debut. It was also issued in a silent version.  In flashback, Lia Tora’s character tells of the disreputable men who have figured in her life. Lugosi plays one of her suitors. Lia Tora is credited with co-writing the story upon which the film is based with Julio de Moraes.


Production Company: Fox Film Corporation

Director: Emmett J. Flynn

Assistant Director: Ray Flynn

Original Story: Julio de Moraes and Lia Tora

Screenplay: Douglas  Z. Dawley

Story Director: Joseph F. Poland

Cinematographer: Charles G. Clark

Running  Time: 60 minutes

Copyright Number: LP298, April 15, 1929 


Lia Tora: Nanon

Paul Vincenti: Pierre

Kenneth Thomas: Dr. Donald Ross

Walter McGrail: English Dipolomatic Attache

Josef Switkard: Colonel de Selincourt

Andre Cheron: Count de Bracchi

Ivan Lebedreff: Captain Paul Fevier

Maude George: Countess de Bracchi

Bela Lugosi: A suitor to Nanon

Lupita Tovar: Young girl


Pittsburgh Press, April 21, 1929

The Veiled Woman, Pittsburgh Press, April 21, 1929*

The Daily Times, May 1, 1929

The Daily Times, May 1, 1929*

Reading Eagle, June 30, 1929

The Veiled Woman, Reading Eagle, June 30, 1929 A

The Veiled Woman, Reading Eagle, June 30, 1929 B*

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Bela Lugosi

The Veiled Woman

Bela Lugosi - Veild Woman

Bela Lugosi

Bela Lugosi and Lia Tora








The Veiled Woman

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