Creeps By Night Radio Show (1944)

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Appearance on Creeps By Night Radio Show

The Pittsburgh Press, February 11, 1944

Karloff to Launch Own Radio Spook Series

Lugosi and Lorre To Be ‘Partners In Crime’


Are you among the mourners of “Lights Out?” Have you been crying in the night because there were no bedtime mysteries to keep you awake and give you nightmares? You’ll be sorry. No less a bad man than Boris Karloff is coming to radio with his own show and the title is enough without a program: “Creeps By Night.”

Movieland’s No. 1 horror will narrate and star in a series to be launched next Tuesday night at 10:30 following an otherwise grand evening of swell comedy. To give it as bloodthirsty a beginning as he can think up he has chosen for his first broadcast “The Voice of Death,” the story of the voice of a dead man which guides his widow to the commission of murders by wholesale.

After that Mr. Karloff will summon Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre, Laird Cregar, Raymond Massey and other “partners in crime” to the mike, to make things as bad as possible, in a spooky sort of way. Mark down as sucker No. 1 for mystery stories this guy, who’d give up his sleep for a Karloff broadcast.


Rockford Morning Star, February 20, 1944

Creeps By Night

There’s a new chiller series on WROK-Blue every Tuesday night at 9:30. Boris Karloff is starred in “Creeps By Night.” Karloff’s guests in weeks to come include Bela Lugosi, Laird Cregar and Peter Lorre.


Winnipeg Free Press June 12, 1944

New Series To Feature Creepy Mystery Stories

A new series of stories, taken from the book, The World’s Finest Mystery Stories, edited by Dashiell Hammett, will be presented over the Blue network starting Tuesday, and will be heard over the Dominion network of the CBC and carried by CKRC at 9.30 p.m.

Entitled Creeps by Night, this series features Boris Karloff, and a cast drawn from the top ranks of radio actors. During the following weeks, guest stars such as Bela Lugosi, Peter Lorre. Laird Cregar, Raymond Massey and others will appear on the programme.

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