Der Tanz auf dem Vulkan: The Dance on the Volcano (Eichberg Film, 1920)

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Der Tanz auf dem Vulkan (The Dance on the Volcano)


Bela Lugosi played Andre Fleurot. Set against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution, the film tells the story of a doomed love affair. The story ends with both Lugosi and his love being killed in the heat of the revolution. Ten reels in length, the film was released in two parts – Sybil Joung (Sybil Young) and Der Tod des Grossfursten (Death of the Grand Duke). The American release was retitled Daughter of the Night. Long considered lost, a print of the American release version was discovered in the 1990s and subsequently released on DVD.


Production company: Eichberg Film

Producer/Director: Richard Eichberg

Cinematographer: Joe Rive

Screenplay: Arthur Teuber

Production Designer: Willi Herrmann


Béla Lugosi: Andre Fleurot 

Lee Parry: Tatiana aka Marie Dorouska

Violette Napierska: Die Gräfin Kaminska

Robert Sholz: Ivan Michelov aka Dimitri

Gustav Birkholz: Großfürstin Frederich Fedorovitch

Felix Hecht: Die Graf Alexander Rostov

Kurt Fuß

Willy Kaiser Heyl

Reinhold Pasch

Herr Dörr

Herr Schmasow

Marger Köohler

Frau Funk


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