Hollywood On Parade A 8 (short) (Paramount Pictures, 1933)

The eighth of twenty four shorts filmed by Paramount features wax figures coming to life in the Hollywood Hall of Fame. Bela Lugosi plays a wax figure of himself as Count Dracula which terrorizes Bonnie Poe’s Betty Boop.


Hollywood parade of title card

Production Company: Paramount Pictures

Producer: Louis Lewyn

Song: My Silent Love – Lyrics: Edward Heyman, music: Dana Suess. Sung by Bonnie Poe

Running Time: 10 minutes (1 reel)

Released March 10, 1933 


Bela Lugosi: Count Dracula

Bonnie Poe: Betty Boop

Eddie Borden: Himself

Rex Bell: Himself

Dorothy Burgess: Herself

Charlie Murray: Himself

George Sidney: Himself

Gayne Whitman: Chandu The Magician

Running Time: 10 minutes (1 reel)

March 10, 1933 release

The Hollywood parade intro

The parade in Hollywood 1

The parade in Hollywood

The parade in Hollywood 2

A parade of Hollywood

The parade in Hollywood 3

The Hollywood on Parade 4

The parade in Hollywood 6

7 of Hollywood on Parade

The Hollywood on Parade 8