Leoni Leo (Star, 1917)

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Set in Venice, Sand’s novel is a tale of the madness of love. Seduced, abused and abandoned by the amoral Leone (Bela), Juliette’s (Annie Góth) love for him remains undying and forgiving. It is not known how closely the film followed the plot of the novel. No photographs of this film are available.


Production company: Star

Director: Alfréd Deésy

Screenplay: József Pakóts. Based on the novel Leone Leoni by George Sand.

Precise release date unknown.


Béla Lugosi (under the name of Arisztid Olt) – Leoni Leo

Lilla Bársony – Princess Zagarolo

Róbert Fiáth – Marquis Lorenzo

Lajos Gellért – 

Viktor Kurd – Róbert

Annie Góth – Juliette

Marel Rolla – Carmen

Gusztáv Turán – Mario

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