Nászdal: The Wedding Song (Star, 1918)

Bat Head 2Nászdal (The Wedding Song)

Bela Lugosi played Paul Bertram, a famous violinist. While on honeymoon, Bertram and his wife are attacked by Izau (Károly Lajthay), a pianist in love with Bertram’s wife. Bertram kills the pianist in a duel and flees to the forest, leaving his bride mistakenly believing that he has been killed by Izau. She has him arrested and imprisoned. They are reunited when Bertram reveals his true identity to her by playing a tune that he played to her on their wedding night.


Production company: Star

Director: Alfréd Deésy

Screenplay: Ignác Balla and Nándor Újhelyi from the story The Wedding Song.

First screened at the Corso in Budapest on February 27, 1918.


Béla Lugosi (under the name of Arisztid Olt): Paul Bertram

Klára Petendy

Irén Barta

Richard Kornai

Károly Lajthay: Izau

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