Die Teufelsanbeter: The Devil Worshippers (Ustad, 1920)

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Die Teufelsanbeter (The Devil Worshippers)


The first of three films based on the desert adventure novels of  Karl May filmed by Ustad, but the third to be released, starring Carl de Vogt. Subtitled, “A film from the Orient in six chapters,” and set in the remote mountains of the Kurds, the film was a typical Karl May tale of high adventure featuring strange exotic rituals and human sacrifices. Upon its release, it was a commercial failure. Originally containing tinted scenes, the film is now considered lost.


Production company: Ustad

Producer: Ertugrul Moussin-Bey

Director: Marie Luise Droop

Based on a chapter from the novel Durch die Wüste (Through the Desert) by Karl May

Said to have premiered on January 2 1921 at Vaters Lichtspiele in Wurzburg, the first documented screening took place on January 24 1921 in Wilhelmsburg.


Carl de Vogt: Kara Ben Nemsi

Béla Lugosi

Meinhart Maur: Hadschi Halef Omar

Ilja Dubrowski

Tronier Funder: Officer of the Sultan

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