The Black Sleep Premiere (1956)

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The Black Sleep Premiere

Broadcast Wednesday, June 27 (?), 1956

Bela Lugosi was interviewed along with Tor Johnson and Vampira by local TV at the June 27 premiere of  The Black Sleep. He was escorted to the premiere by, among others, Forrest J. Ackerman and Richard Sheffield, whose recollections of the event differed. According to Sheffield, Lugosi was not interested in attending, preferring to drink at home. Somewhat inebriated, he was eventually persuaded to go. Ackerman’s account omits any mention of Lugosi being intoxicated. Instead he recounted how the actor’s fading eyesight and his reluctance to wear glasses in public necessitated him being pointed in the right direction to face the cameras. Both agreed, however, that once in front of the camera, Lugosi gave a fine and dignified account of himself.

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