On The Stage & In Person

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These pages encompass not only Bela Lugosi’s roles on the legitimate stage, but also his vaudeville, spook show, and personal appearances. Where available, credits, posters, programmes, photographs, press items and reviews are included. This is an incomplete, but ever-growing archive.

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Click on the links for details of the individual productions:

1903: Kurucz Feja David (Stubborn King David)

1909: The Firebrand

1919: Speech & Protest March

1921: Almost Married

1922: Az Ember Tragédiája (The Tragedy of Man)

1922-1923: The Red Poppy

1924: The Werewolf

1925: Arabesque

1925-1926: Open House

1926-1927: The Devil in the Cheese

1927-1928: Dracula Tryout & Broadway

1928: Dracula West Coast Tour

1929: Dracula West Coast Tour

1930: Dracula West Coast Tour

1930: Union Labor Benefit League Show

1932: Murdered Alive

1932: Western Association of Motion Picture Advertisers’ Tribute To Carl Laemmle, Sr.

1932: Dracula

1933-1934: Murder At The Vanities

1933: Mickey Mouse’s Fifth Birthday Testimonial Party

1933: Eighteen-Minute Capsule Version Of Dracula

1936: Screen Actors Guild Ball

1936: Fifty-Fifth Annual Benefit on behalf of the Actor’s’ Fund of America

1937: Tovarich

1938: Personal Appearances At The Regina-Wilshire Theatre

1939: Screen Actors Guild Meeting

1939: Tower of London Premiere

1940: American International Toy Fair

1940: Black Friday and House of Seven Gables Double World Premiere

1940: Stardust Cavalcade

1941: One Night of Horror

1943: Dracula

1943: Arsenic and Old Lace

1944: Arsenic and Old Lace

1945: No Traveler Returns

1945: Bela Lugosi Company

1946: Capsule version of Dracula

1946: That We May Live

1947: A Nightmare of Horror

1947: Three Indelicate Ladies

1947: Dracula

1947: Arsenic and Old Lace

1947: The Tell-Tale Heart

1948: Dracula

1948: The Bela Lugosi Company

1948: Vaudeville Appearance

1948: Southside American Legion Club Buffet Supper Party

1948: Night Of Stars Benefit For The United Jewish Appeal of Greater New York

1948: A Nightmare of Horror

1949: Arsenic and Old Lace

1949: The Bela Lugosi Company Vaudeville Tour

1950: Nightclub Appearance

1950: Dracula

1950: Vaudeville Appearance

1950: The Mystery Writers of America Annual Dinner

1950: The Devil Also Dreams

1950: Bela Lugosi’s Big Horror and Magic Stage Show

1951: Bela Lugosi’s Big Horror and Magic Stage Show

1951: UK Revival Tour of Dracula

1952: Spook Show Tour With Kim Yen Soo

1953: Personal Appearance At West Coast Theatre, San Bernardino, California

1954: Arsenic and Old Lace

1954: The Bela Lugosi Revue

1956: The Devil’s Paradise

Bat Head 2

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    • Thank you for sharing that information Gloria. Would it be possible to send me a copy of that (and anything else in the local press relating to the planned performance at the Vista Theater) to include on the blog? I’ll credit your contributions.Thanks, Andi Brooks.


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